6 Feb 2013

A world map of penis sizes

A world map of penis sizes: Which countries have the largest and smallest

Penis size world map
    Map making is a serious business. Without the appropriate maps you could end up driving for hours in the wrong direction or you could find yourself in a country where the average penis size istoo large or small for your comfort level.
    Luckily for all of those travelers who like to plan vacations around the average penis size of local populations, TargetMap has released an interactive world map that gives you a visual of just how large or small penises all over the globe are. Below are some of the highlights:
    Countries with the most efficient penises:

    -South Korea: 3.8 inches
    -India, Cambodia, and Thailand: 4 inches
    -China and Japan: 4.3 inches
    Countries with the most excessive penises:
    -Congo: 7.1 inches
    -Ecuador: 6.9 inches
    -Colombia, Ghana, and Venezuela : 6.7 inches
    Countries with American-sized penises (around 5.1 inches):
    -Australia, Russia, and Armenia: 5.2 inches
    -Ireland, Mongolia, and Yemen: 5 inches

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